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Six Pak Saloon Owner / Operator

“I’m just here to pass out chocolates!”

Debbie Breen

Head of Household – Debbie Breen

Not one to brag, Debbie is quite modest and often doesn’t recognize her important role within the Six Pak Saloon Community. To say that she herself is the brand would be an understatement. Without her, Six Pak Saloon would be just the same as any other pub – but Debbie brings a flare unlike no other to the Saloon.

Continuing to grow and move our Community forward, Debbie is actively involved in event planning + coordination, she manages all sales + fundraising, and oversees everything to the most minute detail.

Six Pak Saloon Volunteers

“I got it from my mama!”

Ashley “asho” Norton-Smith

Business Manager – Ashley Norton-Smith

Asho is working with her mom Debbie from behind the scenes in Australia! Updating the website, managing the social media, and seeking new opportunities for growth within the community – she plans to help Debbie achieve the dream of her vision for the Six Pak Saloon.

Debbie helped Asho ship her 2008 Harley Davidson Crossbones to Tasmania where she enjoyed riding with her husband James prior to becoming pregnant with their first child. She cannot wait to get back on the road again, hopefully on two wheels in Canada!

“Cowabunga Legends!”

james “norto” norton-smith

Bar Manager – James Norton-Smith

Our resident Australian, Norto married Ashley in 2018. With plans to visit Canada as soon as the borders open, Norto will be helping as the Bar Manager.

While in Tasmania, Norto can most likely be found on his 2016 Harley Davidson CVO Breakout. We will have to find him a bike for his Canadian visits..

Did you say ‘custom build’?

“Live life to the fullest today, cuz tomorrow is never promised!”

Melony schatz

Merch and Swag Manager – Melony Schatz

Melony is affectionately know as Debbie’s Right Hand Woman, and for very good reason! She has been helping with the Six Pak Saloon since 2018, and attends every event that she can to offer up help.

With encouragement from Debbie and the Six Pak Community, Melony bought her very first Harley in 2019 – a 2006 Heritage Softail that she loves – and has never looked back!

“Where friends become family.”

Debbie Breen

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